I'm the personified embarrassment

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I'm the personified embarrassment

Omg so today in school me and two other classmates had to present our little video we had to shoot.
I really didn’t want anyone to see it because I was so embarrassed.
In this video you could see my face and hear my voice.
We were doing a fun interview of two unsuccessful nursery nurses.
Then I had to explain why an internet connection was so important for kids and I had to learn a really big text by heart and I stumbled on my own words.

Actually our teacher wanted to let us watch the movie “Matilda” but then my two classmates said they really wanted to show our video and I was like
“No we don’t have a video, they’re lying, we don’t have it, let’s watch the movie”
but no chance.

My head was lying on the table the whole time and I buried my head in my arms to hide my face because it was so fucking awkward and embarrassing.
And my voice sounded like shit and I was so ugly in this video.
If I always look like that I’m really fucked.

Well, my classmates liked it and they laughed but it was so fucking


brb, burying my head in shame :(