The church made me think that Satan’s a nice guy

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The church made me think that Satan’s a nice guy

True story

When I was a child my parents as always forced me to go to church with them.
The pastor told us a story about the devil and people who like lined up at the gates of hell. The devil had to chose one of them to take with him to the pit of hell so he questioned everyone about their sins. The line was full of murderers, rapists and all the other kinds of criminals.
Then the devil questioned one man who claimed to be completely innocent like he has never done anything.
The devil asked him “What are your sins?”
The man replied “I’m not a sinner, I have never done anything! I saw people get murdered and beaten up, I saw children being abused on the streets, but I have never done anything.”
The devil asked again, sceptically “You did not do anything?”
And the man replied proudly “Never.”
Then the devil sighed and waved the man nearer “You’re coming with me to hell”

And I was like “wow Satan rules, why does everyone hate him? he’s a really nice guy”

Thank you, church