Music time

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Music time

Well my choir teacher lets students email him a song for the whole choir to listen to at the beginning of class. & It's my turn tomorrow. Ever since he brought it up I've thought about what song to pick. So it took 2 weeks to finally decide on one. My friends & I talked & I picked Thank You For The Venom.

Oh...back story on this. My choir director was only the orchestra teacher for all 4 elementary schools, the middle school ( It's abbreviation is P.M.S) & the high school. Now at the high school he's the choir teacher. He started this 2 weeks ago. He went first & said that his song was on his work out track & the auditorium was silent until someone went "phhhh" then everyone laughed. What I didn't expect was the song that he played. Him, an ORCHESTRA teacher, played Monster by Skillet. I will admit after that he earned mine & my friends respect.

Then someone went & played One Direction. Okay Legally I'm not aloud to listen to them anymore because the last time I did someone had a broken nose & it wasn't me. Fierce Pierce (that's his nickname) started to play it & the funny part was my therapist sent him an email saying I wasn't allowed to listen to them so he had to stop playing it. That was the first week of this. The funny thing is I get Death glares from most girls & Frightened looks from the boys who aren't my friends. The guys look like that because my therapist sent a pic. of the person who I hurt ( It wasn't completely me 1) I'm bipolar & 2) I blackout when I hear certain things or if something or someone tried to hurt my friends/family while I was around) So I found that to be funny. So did my friends & my cousin.

Which reminds me I have to finish writing him a letter. He's away right now & it's been hard on a lot of us especially his mom & little brother.

Bye Killjoys & ALWAYS remember:
There's always calm before the storm
The sun always shines brightest after the rain has stopped