Well fine!

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Well fine!

So I just got back from a Mother's day dinner and I made a card for my Grandma that I made in Italian class (I wrote the English translation too). I was like "yeah she's gonna love it I made it by hand and worked hard on it!" Seriously I had high hopes.

When I gave it to her I said "I made it in Italian class" and she laughed, looking at it for less than a second. She laughed and laughed and my step dad joined in. Then was like "this stupid Italian!" and continued laughing. I was so embarrassed. She was so disgusted with it. She shoved it in her purse and didn't say thank you or anything.

Would you take a little kid's drawing and crumple it up and laugh at it?! No! Then why do it now?! I drew a nice picture on it of a bunch of flowers. I always make cards for every holiday, one for everyone. This must be a sign I should just buy a fucking card like the rest of the world.

I really want to cry. I thought it was sweet... clearly I was wrong....