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Okay so something that really annoys me is gender. I mean I'm not "gender confused", I know I'm a girl and I like it that way. It's just that it seems that other people are gender confused of me. I grew up as "one of the guys" because the girls didn't like me. To be truthful, not many people, boy or girl, liked me. But I made friends with the outcast guys. From a young age I dressed like a rocker. Black clothes, shirts with skulls, band shirts. I felt as if I set myself up for failure. By the time I reached middle school I realized no one saw me as what I was. Girls bullied me as they do to other girls but I realized that I wasn't a "girl". The guys did too. A guy hit me over the head with a chair. I got in a fist fight with two guys.

It was probably because I don't have the biggest boobs, I wear baggy clothing that hides my figure, I don't dress in bright slutty clothes, I've dated a few girls, I'm tougher than most girls, I listen to metal and rock. I had a rude awakening one day. I wore a tight blue tee shirt one day. I had just gone through puberty so my body was all fucked up so my boobs grew a cup as well as my body getting all curvy. I was walking in the hall when this total douchebag that made fun of me stopped, pointed at me, and went "whoa LOOK AT HER!"

As much as I wanted to slap him, it kinda felt good. After so many years of being treated like a guy, it was nice. I like being treated like a lady. When I had my first serious boyfriend he really pulled off treating me like what I was. I wasn't used to it. It was odd but felt good. This is why i can't help but flirt.

This is the one time I like being treated as what I am.

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