traumatic week so far?

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traumatic week so far?

So yesterday I went down to Seaside, a huge boardwalk and town in south Jersey. Idk my mom likes taking absurd trips to the beach when its not beach weather. Anyway, I had always spent my childhood summers down there and I haven't been there in awhile.

A big reason we went down was to see the Hurricane Sandy damage. I mean in Asbury it wasn't that bad compared to Seaside. You know those million dollar mansions celebrities have? I literally saw them sitting there ripped in half or with the roof down the street. The entire board walk was ripped to shreds, pieces of it everywhere.There was a house in the middle of the street. I saw the pizza place I loved eating at ripped up. I saw the roller coaster in the water. My mom always said it was the first coaster she was ever one and I remember telling myself "when I'm brave enough I'm going to ride it too" but now I can't.

I nearly cried, I couldn't believe it. This place was my childhood. The part I hated the most was when you'd pass by a house and you could see right through the garage door to the other side of the street. I felt so selfish that all the damage that had happened to me was 2+ weeks without power and a shit load of trees fell.

Then you all know about what happened today. I looked up pictures. The blood, the wounds, the people. It's just too much. I literally almost passed out I couldn't handle all of this.

BUT WAIT. THERE'S MORE. A couple days ago was the anniversary of Bloody Friday (terrorist attacks in Ireland) and my step dad was there. He told me all about it and we were watching a thing on it. The explosions were all on film.

It's too much for me.
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