stupid poem YAY!

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stupid poem YAY!


Those are just some charms
That come with being human.
Too many to count.
Let's continue the list of us.


There's more,
Oh yes, there is.
But one stands out
Above all.

It is the ultimate emotion,
Stronger than a self conscious.
Strong enough to blind us from common sense.
Strong enough to will us on.

It brings down falls, death, and mistakes.
It's kind and warm yet full of wrath and jealousy.
We want it more than anything,
Yet it hurts more than anything else.

Some shut out this emotion,
Doomed to a life in solidarity.
It brings out the worst in humans.
It brings out the best how ever.

This emotion has its flaws.
As all humans do.
However, it defines a person.
Keeps them strong.
Makes them weak.

Its name is simple.
Its name is warm,
Kind and caring.
Yet so painful.

It's name is-