some more crap poetry~

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some more crap poetry~

This is how I feel most days ^_^" enjoy I guess.
I sit here,
looking at what I have.
It's all good things,
I must admit,
More than some others have.

But yet when I look at what I have,
It feels as if it's nothing.
I have friends, family.
A warm house and food.
Yet nothing at all.

There's a sadness within me,
An ever growing hollowness.
Is this?

I'm just empty.
All I can feel is regret
And pain,
Yet nothing at the same time.

This feeling is torturing me.
Taunting me.
What does it feel like to truly feel?
For years I have been like this.

I can never recall a happy memory
And not be sad afterwards.
It just contributes to the emptiness.
Why is that?