sad but not to do with "the brake up"

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sad but not to do with "the brake up"

So I've made so many wonderful friends on here and have grown incredibly close to them. Well recently it seems none of them are on anymore.... and I haven't spoken to them in many months.... including the one I consider my sister. When I get on and see I have a message I get excited. It's usually someone new I've started talking to though and they aren't as close to me.

But when I do happen to get the rare message from a close friend I was to burst out in tears and pour my heart into words of what I've gone through without them.

But... that's rude yes? So with these beautiful people I can share everything with, I won't. And it brakes my heart even more and my loneliness grows... I wish I could point you all out to say I love you in this blog, but again it feels rude.

Ah I feel like the Doctor. I'm always having some fun times with people I grow to love but they end up leaving me. Then I'm alone again... just like I started, how I'll forever be, and how I'll always choose to be. Then again, "I really am just a mad man with a box".

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