Report the Facts 9

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Report the Facts 9

i know its short!!! i know i know!!! i just had to post something!!! trust me, it'll get better
chp8 recap- our killjoys investigate a drac, dispose of the bodies by means of throwing them out the window, and everything seems perfect. Dreams is drawing non stop and Double-Shoot cant stay away from her. Shadow thinks he's gotta crush but thats a different story
*Shadow’s POV*

I sat eating gruesome power pup listening to them radio. Dreams was singing loudly to the song and Double-Shoot was asleep on the couch. The song stopped and Dr. D’s voice spoke.

“The generator will go down in T minus forty-eight hours. If you’re in zone six better leave now while that ball of gas called the sun is out.”

Dreams smiled, “That’s it!”

“What’s it?”

“The code for the BLi raid!” She said excited.

“So how long we got?” I asked.

She smiled, “Two Days. To get there in time we better leave in an hour or two.”

I nodded as she jumped up leaving the room. I walked to the couch nudging Double-Shoot’s shoulder. He mumbled something turning over but ended up rolling off the couch. I giggled as he started cursing.

“The fuck you wake me up for?” He asked angry.

I laughed quietly, “We’re gonna leave for the raid in an hour or two so we better get ready.”

Double-Shoot rubbed the sleep out of his eyes as I ran up stairs. I looked into the bathroom seeing Dreams at the sink cleaning her black converse for the occasion. I think that’s the first time I've seen her without shoes on. I'm surprised she has feet in those things. Well, socks at least and zebra ones at that.

I continued to my room grabbing my panda bear back pack. I shoved in my gun, journal, other things I'm not telling you about and such. I took a second and looked around the room, taking in all the details. Who knows if I’ll come back or not?

I sighed heavily trying to calm myself.