Limitless Chapter 4

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Limitless Chapter 4

for this chapter you'll need to know that instead of zones they're called squares and instead of power pup its just called food cans. oh and no chapters for about two days since im going to my dad's house

chapter 3-
Chapter 4: The Man From Else Where

Red Tie ran frantically from the night watchers’ car chasing him through the Dirt. He ran behind a rock and hid catching his breath. He took out his hand gun looking hearing the doors of the car closing.

“Wish me luck mum.” He whispered looking at the sky then ran out from behind the rock.

The watchers shot at him but he quickly dodged their ray beams, firing back. He saw the one go down and he smiled then quickly shot the other in the head with perfect aim. He ran to the car they chased him in and he got in excitedly. He frowned when he saw no keys and got out looking through both the watchers’ coats.

When he felt something metal in a pocket he smiled and pulled it out. It was the key but it was bent all out of shape. He reached in the pocket and pulled out a bullet.

He sighed heavily. “Of course it hit the key!” He got up and started walking again. “I'm a fucking twat.” He complained to himself. After being alone for a long time in some other country has made him start to talk to himself.

After walking for about half an hour he found himself at some destroyed buildings. Probably an old town, he thought looking at the buildings. He found the most put together one and walked inside seeing it didn’t look that bad. Had someone been here recently?

His stomach rumbled reminding him he was hungry. He went to the kitchen searching through the cupboards. He beamed when he found a load of food cans. Suddenly he heard the door slam and people talking. Okay now all I have to do is get some cans and get out quietly, he thought.

He grabbed a can and another… and another… and another… and another one that made all the others tumbled out of the cupboard and he accidentally dropped the ones he was holding.

His heart skipped a beat as silence flooded the house.


Crushed walked into the living room of their small house in Square 3 and collapsed onto the couch tired.

“Come on you can’t be that tired!” Mechanic complained.

Crushed grunted, covering her eyes with her arm. “You stole my gun and made me chase you and as you know, I am the world’s slowest person.”

Machete snickered as she twirled Crushed’s gun in her hand. Crushed moved her arm peeking out at her tall lanky friend and muttered a “fuck you,” making no attempt to get it back. Machete sighed tossing it to Mechanic who threw it at Crushed.

The (heavy) gun landed on Crushed’s stomach she sat up making some odd noise of pain. She took a breath staring at her friends with a death glare. “WHY did you DO that?!”

“Thought you would catch it!” Mechanic shrugged.

Crushed grunted lying on the couch again, “I could catch it not looking nor knowing you were throwing it?!” Mechanic didn’t answer and Crushed laughed.

There was a crash from the kitchen and the three all looked up immediately. Crushed grabbed her gun, Machete got out her machete, and Mechanic slipped on his brass knuckles. Mechanic slowly crept closer to the kitchen with Machete and Crushed following. (If Crushed was first she’d probably shoot the first moving thing she saw out of fear and Machete would stab what/whoever it was)

Mechanic crept into the kitchen first and looked confused at what he saw.
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