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Uugh... Okay first of all, I'm a proud happy Christian.

This sucks big time. I see so many Christian people damning people to hell, just cos' of the way they are. Like, once, there was this discussion thing in class about God and heaven and stuff, but then my teacher started saying stuff like "people who don't believe in God go to hell". Even people who are gay are banned from the church. And that's heartbreaking :( I mean, they've gone through all kinds of shit in their lives, now people are gonna take the only hope for them AWAY from them???

All the time I was thinking "That's not very nice". :|

Then I go to You Tube to look up for this song (, then this was the first comment:
"The message of this song means that no body ever listens to God. They spend their time in beers , drugs etc. We should read the Bible , pray to God. Because when we dont accept Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior we die in hell, eternal punishment, hell is a real place. When you are not a believer of Christ you go to hell second life, but if you accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior you will go to Heaven!!!!"

44 likes. Sigh...

So I comment back:
"@Balletblue70 My friend doesn't believe in God, but I do. She's a really nice person. And you're telling me she's damned to hell? That's not very Christian at all, isn't it?"

Then she replies something about "seeing the bigger picture" and says I should watch her friend "George". Well, HERE'S the BIG PICTURE: If Christians get known for hating and damning people to hell, we're gonna be known as "The damning religion who hates everyone else but themselves". And that SUCKS.

Point is, I'm not like everyone. I go to church, but I take interest in Buddha too and apply his teachings in my life. I say Amen, but I also say Namaste. And is that a crime? No.

My last comment on the video was this:

"Okay ENOUGH OF THIS. Just STOP IT. Everyone. Who are any of us to damn people to hell? I may be a proud Christian, but It's just not RIGHT to say who goes to heaven and who goes to hell. It's not NICE. So just STOP IT ):|"