News from another fandom: Beliebers

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News from another fandom: Beliebers

[DISCLAIMER: Not a Belieber, also not a hater. Blogging for the purpose of blogging.]
So I heard that Beliebers have started cutting themselves because apparently, Bieber smokes pot. Hmm. There are pictures of these kids with their lacerated arms, and it's really just horrible.

While we all know that this is obviously sad and disturbing, it made me wonder: Was this how the world saw the MCRmy back in o7' (The Black Parade era)? That we cut ourselves because of the people we look up to? That this music has slowly become a cult that promotes self harm and suicide?

Now, we all made certain to the public that that's no way in hell true.
Maybe people even forgot. But now that this shit's happening again [in a different fandom], it's just different to see through the eyes of an observer, and not of a fan. This is totally staining is to an artist's reputation. I see that now. And I'm glad I belong to an army, fighting for the continuity of TRUE Rock n' Roll, for artistry, the achievement of all dreams, and fighting for the brotherhood brought about by good music by My Chemical Romance.