My Best Friend

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My Best Friend

LOVES Justin Bieber (did I spell that right? Don't really care). As in, she would defend for that shiny super star to the death. And I love her to the death too! And there isn't much I wouldn't do for her.

But... She wants me to watch Never Say Never with her on the last day of classes.

In 3D.

It's not that I LOATH Justin Boober. I'm just not interested in knowing how the hell he landed his ass in Hollywood. I hear that too much from his fans.

It's my last days here in my school. I'm leaving and she wants to give me the best things I probably won't do in another long while. She even wants to give me those cool Jester Clown hats that I've wanted ever since I've seen one.

I don't want to disappoint her.
But I DON'T want to burn my eyes (in 3D).
But I don want the Jester hat :)

And yes, I posted Boober's pretty face so that you can at least feel a fraction of the horrors I'm gonna feel when watching his movie in the cinema.

And yes, that's me down there.
~Sparky Hell