Muscle Freak!

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Muscle Freak!

There's this idiot in the site advertising some muscle supplements!!!

Yes, you Muscles. I'm talking to you.

If you wanna go advertise about some pill or whatever, go do it in Facebook or make an advertisement of your own. We don't need that here. He puts up some crap about bigger muscles and shit, and I'm like:

Did you wake up one morning and think
"Hey, I'm gonna make an account in the MCR site and blog about muscles! Which nobody cares about!"


My muscles are fine, thank you. I love my body the way it is. Sure, I have scoliosis and 3 more years till I get my back brace off for good, but at least I don't have to take some creepy pill to make people think I'm better than what I really am.

You. Suck.

You used to probably be one of those wimpy kids who never dreamed of anything else other that having your own set of lumpy muscles that look like slabs of meat in the market.

You disgust me.
~Sparky Hell