Latest artworks ^^

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Latest artworks ^^

All are pencil on paper and digitally colored on ^^ Except the second, which was also done on Photoshop, other than ribbet. I found that drawing is my vent. These are all my emotions this week.

1. "Please Don't Cry"
~I drew the first cos I wanted to cry because I felt as if my crush would never like me "that" way. Haha! Teenage problems :P

2. "A Fine Day to Marry (Squid)"
~The second cos I thought to myself, even if you're weird, or silly, or have a squid for a head, someone out there will love you one day and marry you.

3. "Some days I feel like a seventeen year old side dish"
~And the last one... Well, the title speaks for itself. Some days I feel like a side dish. Never the main course. The wallpaper to a beautiful room. The background music to the kissing scene in a movie. **Sigh. Seventeen year old problems. Hahaha!

Vent over!