Just a little curious... :-?

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Just a little curious... :-?

Why is it only 30 Seconds to Mars and My Chemical Romance fans are voting in MTV's site? :))

I mean, it's great that they have less competitors (yes, I'm talking to you Rihanna), but I'm just curious. Teehee.

Well, it's only HALF of the competition guys. Don't be all about going that My Chem's lost already. We've still got as much chance as 30 Seconds to Mars. We can do this!!! XD

Oh, and to lighten the mood a little bit in this pavement, I've sought out a video from Mindless Self Indulgence. Now, even if you don't like em', I'm sure this'll make ya'll even a BIT HAPPY (in all caps).

That is, if you are into makin' fun of lil' mis Hannah Montana :P

~Sparky Hell