How Unusual... MCRmy?

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How Unusual... MCRmy?

When I was a preschooler, I'm pretty sure EVERYONE told me I'm not supposed to talk to strangers.

10 years later, I'm here, telling strangers I love them.

And maybe that's just it... That we're NOT strangers anymore.

Sometimes I can't get my head wrapped around it, other times it's perfectly clear. That when my friends in school ask me how the hell I suddenly had a friend from California whom I have NEVER met before in my entire life(cos' I'm from the Philippines), I just go "Cos' she's part of the MCRmy too."

"Mc... what?"

What is the MCRmy?

Is it a verb? A noun? A name? Furniture? A vegetable? Mineral?

Disagree with me if you must. But for me, it's kinda like... a miracle. That these 4 people from New Jersey would bring all sorts of people from across the globe, sticking up for each other, loving each other, singing THEIR songs.

I support it a MILLION percent. But, in a way, it's kinda odd too. Never have I felt so belonged.

So I don't mind if anyone just happen to strike a conversation with me like we're brothers and sisters. We ARE brothers and sisters. It's not really something one can explain. It's something felt.

I'm gonna end this blog with a quote I've put in my past blogs (which I encourage ya'll to read):

"I never thought I'd stand up to fight for a stranger. But I guess that's just what being in the MCRmy's all about" ~ Anonymous Person from the MCRmy