Are we all unusually bored tonight?

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Are we all unusually bored tonight?

Have you ever:

1) Self harmed?
Yup. But that was in March. I stopped :D

2) Got into a real fight?
Thanks to God, no.

3) Been too depressed to move out of your bed?
Yeah. For months and weeks.

4) Tried to commit suicide?
Once. But it never happened. Thank God!

5) Had to lie to EVERYONE about how you felt?
Yeah. No one wants to know that the funny girl has depression.

6) Watched an entire season of a TV show in one sitting?
No :)) But me and my sister are doing a Pretty Little Liars marathon these days! :D

7) Talked yourself out of serious trouble?
I.. think so :))

8) Accused someone of using you?

9) Shoplifted
No :))

10) Gotten drunk/high?
I accidentally got drunk, but only ONCE in my lifetime.

11) Been to a concert where your favourite artist was playing?
No. Sadly, no :P