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Sad at camp

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chpeverill-conti's picture
on July 24, 2014 - 2:01pm

Hey MCRmy,
I can have my phone at camp, as it turns out. This is because CIT's are concreted staff. I've also tried to post like four blogs but the wifi sucks so it doesn't work.
I'm with the same kids as I was last year (LIT summer). There's 17 of us. At the very end of last year, like the last week, I started to talk to them. But over the year my relationship with them has really faded. Now only two or three kids will really talk to me. These kids are Taylor, Marie-Amiee (French girl) and either Emmaline or Clara. The never laugh at my jokes, they won't actually have a good conversation about something I'm interested in. I'll say something openly to the whole cabin, like I'll say that I'm upset that My sneakers and rain boots are messed up. Or I'll offer the cabin Nutella and they won't even respond.
I'm supposed to be an LIT (the level below CIT) but one of my friends who's an LIT now was asking if I was gonna be an LIT so I signed up a year early. The kids who are LIT's now are all into MCR ATL PTV and all those great bands. I've been in cabins with them since day one. Today I was talking to them before lunch, and they laughed at all my jokes, thought my band merch was cool, they told me how much they missed me and they cared about me. :(
Also, with the CIT girls, I talk about the hospital and cottage hill's program a lot, since I spent a total of three months in treatment. Of coarse I'm gonna talk about it, it's like them talking about school, it's my normal. I don't think they get it that that's why I keep bringing it up. It was a good place, I was getting better, I was safe.
I just hope things get better...
- Z