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I Knew It!!!

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GUYS!!! I'm most like frankie!!! I knew it! I even play an Epiphone Les paul like him, but his is custom and ivory colored and mine is model 100 and black with gold knobs! close enough...

() You’re born in April
() You’ve been addicted to alcohol and/or drugs
() You’re a born leader
()You love drawing and you do it well
() You love singing
()You don’t take sh** from anyone
(x) You’re afraid of needles
() You call your friends with their last names instead of their names
(x) You've got siblings and you love them
() You’re the oldest child,
Total: 2 (guess not...)

() You’re born in July
(x) You play the guitar
() You’ve got a scar on your head
(X)You can’t swim
(x)had one)) You’ve got a fro!
() You’re 6’1”
() You’re shy
() You wear contact lenses
() You’re called mastermind or the quiet genius
(x) People do/used to laugh at you
Total: 4 (people used to call me toro cause of my hair xD)

(x) You’re born in September
() You play bass
(x) You’re near-sighted
(x) You wear glasses
() You feel an urge to stick a fork into a toaster
() You’re seen as the lil kid/brother/sister of your family or mates
(x) You’re the youngest sibling
() You’ve put a heater IN the shower
Total: 4

() You’re born in October
(x)You’re the hyperest of your group
()You rattle on your guitar
(x)You’re short
(X) You love tattoos AND piercings
() You’re younger than all your friends
(X) You think homophobia is gay
()You mess with your friend’s head
(x) You are seen as immature
(X)You always have a pair of fingerless gloves on.
Total: 6

() You’re born in December
() You don’t talk much
() You’re born in a different part of the country
() You hate people filming you
() You prefer cats to dogs
() You play drums
() One of your friends messes with your head
() You are constantly irritated with one of your friends
() You’re scary when serious
(x) You zone out a lot
Total: 1

- Z