Do you's

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Do you's

Do you fart in public, then walk away as fast as you can?:noup
Caught someone picking their nose?: yes...*agh
Do you often scream, "Bob Saget!" when angry?:noup
Do you spend a lot of time secluding yourself from housemates?:...
Do you like toe socks?:yes..
Do you like tuna fish sandwiches?:not much
Do you want to kill people that "tYpE lYkE ThIS?!?!"?: yes¡ freaks me out
Do you get irked when people can't spell?: of course..
Does the cannabis plant make you happy?: no
Do you dance in public?: yes..
Do you go to any kind of church?:no...

Do you like fat people vs. skinny people?:no...we're all different..
Do you consume more alcohol than you can handle on a regular basis?: nup

Have you ever....
Have you ever launched a dead animal over an overpass, into traffic?: no¡
Have you ever ran into a pole/wall/door?:no
Did you break your nose when you hit it?: no
Have you ever pretended to be retarded at a store?: my friends did
Have you laughed at someone getting hurt?: when its not that bad..
Have you ever been cursed at by a foreign person?:yes¡¡
Have you had something squirt out of your nose from laughing so hard?:noup
Woken up in someone else's house by yourself with no memory of the night before?: yes¡ bff's house
Have you been stabbed before?:yes..
Have you ever had a dog try to mount you?: noup
Have you ever been kicked in the face? my bro
Have you ever kicked yourself in the face?:noup
Have you ever been arrested for being nude in public?: hell no¡¡
Have you ever smoked crack and worship Satan?:not the first the second:yes
Have you had your teachers in school catch you sneaking off campus?:yes¡
Have you ever run from the police on a mo-ped/scooter?:nop
Have you ever been complimented by random people?: yes

Brand of ciggarettes?:none
You're best friend's mom's favorite color?:red
Name for boy and girl?: Charlotte
Thing to do in your spare time?: music...
Alcoholic beverage?: Smirnoff
Brand of underwear?:womens secret
Style of underwear?:comando
Two favorite seasons of the year?: winter. autoum
Excuse for work/school/anything you have to do?:im sick¡
Sign you've seen a bum holding?:noup
Artist and musician/band?: MCR..ALKALINE TRIO
Quote from a book/movie/song?: "now we're being followed by rocks"
Prank you've pulled/someone else has pulled?: said i was in trouble and when the person got to my house laugh so hard
Fabric pattern (i.e. plaid, stripes, polka dots, etc.):lil black and purple squares
Kind of monkey?: none
Do you like these weapons?no
Hows about a spatula?: no
A knife?: yes
A hand gun?: yes
An M-14?: Yes
A Rocket Launcher?:noup
A rope?: no
Maybe even a pan?: well...

Random crap to ask you folks
Age?: 14
Gender?: FEMALE...
Species?: wtf?
Race?: white as paper
Home Planet (haha)?: the moon
Do you have, THE CLAP?!: noup
Do you like this definition of PETA " People Eating Tasty Animals"?: thats grose
Wanna blow something up?:maybe
Do you ask flowers if you can pick them, before you pick them?: no...
Do you enjoy covering yourself with pasta?:no
Do you like vaginas?: wtf?
Rainbow sherbert or Chocolate brownie icecream?:chocolate brownie
Sin you enjoy the most?: lying¡