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ChemicalJoe27's picture
on June 19, 2014 - 9:21pm

So today I got new guitar strings, one set for each guitar you see! (MEH BABIES!) and I had a baby duck hatch! (First one sense I've started breeding them) its solid black and is itty bitty tiny winy small! It disss big! >(^__^) I am also going to post my book that I have been writing for a while now as soon as I go to a place with internet and have my lap top. So look forward to that. I also have made a decision for sake of my privacy, to make it harder for people to find me, when I am performing, I will perform as "Jason Frost" so keep an ear out for that name. Taking my dads name because he's one of my biggest supporters, and I feel bad I don't have much in common with him and its hard for us to bond over anything like we used to, so that's my "Still love you dad" and the frost just sounds like a bad ass last name. So that's how it is now people! Love you all, stay awesome! OMG, I FORGIT, ONE LAST THING! EVEEYTHING IS AWESOME! EVEEYTHING IS COOL WHEN YOUR PART OF A TEAM! EVERYTHING IS AWESOME WHEN WERE LIVING OUR DREAM! got that movie two days ago and I've watched five times and probly played that song about 100 times, easy. LOVE YOU ALL! BYEEE