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proof im not.dead

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ChemicalJoe27's picture
on July 26, 2014 - 6:39am

1) Which is your fave. animal?
Horses and reptiles of all kinds! :D
2) What is the worst food you ever taste?
Meat. Eww.
3) Which is your fave. part of the world?
Like, location? Idk. I kinda wanna go to Scotland.
4) What came first, the hen or the egg?
I enjoy how this specifies hen. Pullets can't lay eggs! And cocks and cockrels can't obviously! (Sister shows and breeds chickens) but hen.
5) Which is the last movie you saw?
I watched RoboCop with my dad till falling asleep
6) Do you believe in aliens?
Not little big headed green men, but I think life could/has evolved on other places like it has our own.
7)Which is the best thing ever happened to you?
Band. just all of it
8) Which is the best T.V show you know?
How I met your mother
9) Which are the worst villians in history?
Anyone who denys someone a right
10) If you where a ghost, what kind of thinks would you do?
Fuck shit up and make life hell for people
11) Would you like to study in hogwarts?
Nah. Not much a potter fan.
12) Which are the four things you hate the most?
Meat, rabbits, rabbit meat, heat.
13) Which are your top five fave. bands?
MCR, Nirvana, TRS, Green Day, bowling for soup
14) If you were born once again, would you change something you did wrong?
Nah. I'm happy where m at
15) Do you like math?
16) What is the name of your pet?
Max. I hate that dam dog but I love em.
17) Add one question
Why the fuck do we laugh?!?!