poems are here again!

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poems are here again!

i still love to post these and i hope the people that read them like to read them. right now I'm making these all up on the spot so they could be better or worse, who knows, thats really for you guys to decide, HAVE FUN WITH THEM!!!

Buckle up were gonna take a drive tonight
Live our lives like it gonna be our last fight
We don't need captain obvious or captain hindsight
This is the night we prove thee world right
Let say its bad to kill a man even in a war
Unless its in the name of an unknown god
Statue of Liberty your such a gad dam whore
Dose nothing in this life seem to be a little odd
Open up your eyes to see your living in a lie
A world owned by drugs and imaginary swag
Come with me and well find the one way to die
Look at me Im nothing to them but a fucking fag
Come to my little circle of friends
And well show you how the world truly ends.

Your living in a land of pretty fairy tales
The dark night has been vanquished today
The economy based of noting but blind sales
I have nothing i have on my mind to say
Show your pretty smile and show your fight
Thats the spirt and now don't you look nice
Your love has drooped from its greatest hight
Grab your weapon its time to slice and dice
Live your lie of a life and give me a shout
Go to your room with a knife and cry about
You know your never gonna bleed it out
Stop crying and death is nothing but a drought.
If you got a problem with what i say come and get me
Ill be hiding in the very place you can never see

... Ok, this didn't work like my usual copy and past or type whats written on note book paper because I'm out of time, what i get for doing this during class. But they may be better, i don't know. Read my other ones if you haven't and tell me witch ones are better. Ill be back with more for you guys soon!!! :D