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im just a little sick. *aggressively blows nose*

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So I feel like shit. Never fails, this time of year fucks me over and I get sick. Well, more like anytime I spend excessive time with large groups of people I'm not used to. Witch I guess is normal because my immune system isnt used to the germs and shit from new people. so medically I just gotta deal with. God bless over the counter cold and flu pills and shit. Got offered a spot playing bass in a band. OH YEA! I got my own bass a month or two ago! Yet to bring it up. Getting back into magic too. Buddy says I have a spot on his show with him. Already built my own lock deck, two card monty, and I'm working on a stripper deck if I can find a sharper blade. Any one confused just ask. I'll start doing some shows and recording them for YouTube and shit. Bands picking up. I'm also going to get a recording of it because you will all LOVE IT! Open is night on bald mountain, balled is Edward scissor hands, and closer is hall of the mountain king! So its going to be cool as fuck! Takes place in a grave yard. So hope it works well! Glad to be back! Love you all!