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Food class

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ChemicalJoe27's picture
on September 2, 2014 - 9:38am

SO i am litteraly shit you not posting this from my foods class. (Home ec). WHAT DOES A LAPTOP HELP WITH WHEN IT COMES TO MAKING HEALTHY FOOD! But it was either this or pottery and i was like, FUCK THAT SHIT! so im just waiting for everyone else to finish becasue it takes me no time at all to type in my email and password for a website. (Edmodo. No clue what the fuck it is.) And after this i go to gym, where i will get detention because its the fourth time already this year ive forgoten my gym shorts. But this time its because my dryer broke, and my cloths wernt dry. YAY! Wearing a dirty shirt now bc of that. And i was doing my senior shit and my moms like "What name card do you want for grad announcements?" (Non yet senior kids, youll understand, anyone who feels what im talking about, sing a pray or some shit for me, please) and im like, well, i like this one because its simple. Instantly, "No, I dont like that one." THEN WHY DID YOU ASK!?!?!? Needless to say this kept happening. So yea, THIS YEAR NEEDS TO END ALREADY! IT ONLY BEEN THREE WEEKS! i think. .___.