Uh... hi there

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Uh... hi there

Hi. Name's Chemical Insanity. Not really, it's just my Killjoy name XD. Anyway, I literally JUST joined this site so...
I know this might be a bit much to ask, but I got an idea yesterday to do a fanfic of the Danger Days album. I wanted to see if anyone here thought it was a good idea.
Here's the storyline so far, but I'm indecisive about the ending:

There are four Killjoys, Chemical Insanity, Antichrist Angel, Silver Rose, and Acid Shock (who was just recently saved from Better Living Industries) and the story goes through the whole album and beyond, basically. We hear about Jet Star and Kobra Kid getting dusted (insert T_T here) and everything, and then after the end of the album Dr. Death-defying dies (insert another T_T here) and so Party Poison, Fun Ghoul, and our small band of Killjoys all go into hiding and have this giant Hiatus (not all together...)
Six months later, a mysterious Killjoy comes out of the blue who calls himself Digital Revenge. It's either going to be Fun Ghoul or Party Poison, and whichever is not the new killjoy has since been dusted (T_T). Anyway, then Digital Revenge leads us on a raid against Better Living and we either all die or get medicated, or win against all odds.

So... what do you guys think? Love it? Hate it? I need another opinion on this besides my best friend's (XD)

Thank you and sayonara!
-Chemical Insanity