Letter to Myself

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Letter to Myself

Dear me,

Why can't you be pretty? Why can't you be funny and daring and not afraid? Why do you have to be so worthless? Everybody is right, you know. You are nothing.

You keep talking about suicide... why do you keep bringing it up if you can't actually do it? It's because you're too scared to, isn't it?

I hate you. I hate everything about you, what you stand for. All of it. You can't write a poem for shit. You can't write anything for shit. And as I guide your fingers in writing this, I keep telling you over and over again how worthless you are. How ugly you are. How much a burden you are to everyone. Why can't you just give up already?

It's fun to watch you struggle, you know. I enjoy terrorizing you until you panic, and your panic attacks come up and haunt you. I'll admit it's not fun to go through, but who's better to punish you than you? You deserve all that you have coming for you, you know... I hope you die with only me to keep you company. I hate you so fucking much....

There are no other words for me to describe me hatred for you.

With much hatred for the skin we're in,