Knives and Pens

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Knives and Pens

Andy Biersack wrote a song about how he'd been bullied when he was younger. That song was called Knives and Pens. I have done further research on him, his band (Black Veil Brides), and the song itself, and I got a bit more of a picture on the song, as well as the band itself.
The song is basically about Knives (destruction) and Pens (creation). You can chose to destroy yourself and others (knives), or you can take all the negative emotions and make something with them (pens). I personally have never harmed myself. Not on purpose, anyway. There was one time when I cut myself with a razor on the chest but I had no clue what the hell it was at the time and I was a little girl and I was stupid. Other than that, I haven't hurt myself. There are times when I've thought about it, and I almost scratched my wrist until it bled once, but I never actually have.
I guess what I'm trying to say is I want to be a creator, not a destroyer. And since first hearing Knives and Pens, it's become one of my favorite Black Veil Brides songs.
What about you guys? Do you want to create or destroy?

In other news, my best friend Antichrist Angel is the greatest person ever. The other day she got me BVB's newest album. I was practically melting in my digi-com class. I love them all so much.. But I think I like Jinxx slightly more, because he plays an AMAZING violin and that's shown in all of the Wretched and Divine album. That and his nickname is 'The Mystic', and we unintentionally named my cat after him! I mean, how cool is that?
I also love Bert McKracken's voice in Days are Numbered. But one thing I don't get is he was friends with MCR during LOTMS and now he doesn't like them apparently? Can someone explain to me what happened? I still don't quite get that...

Well, nighty night all you Killjoys and Black Paraders. Never let them take the light behind your eyes, and keep running.