The Rules of Fan Fiction #5

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The Rules of Fan Fiction #5

Writing isn't all about the technicalities; the content has to be up to scratch too. I give you rule number five.


It is far more effective to show your audience a character's emotions rather than tell them. Let's guess what emotions these characters are feeling:

I cautiously crept up the staircase, each step breathing a groan of discontent as my foot touched it. My fingers tightened around the knife, my heart pulsing as I paused to listen for sounds of life.

If you guessed scared/nervous, congratulations! Let's take a closer look. Instead of saying "I felt nervous", you've let your reader read between the lines and pick up clues from words like "cautiously", "tightened" and "pulsing".

A tear gracefully danced down my cheek. His soft voice resounded through my mind. Did he really mean it? A smile quivered on my lips as his fingers lifted my hand and placed it over his heart.

"This is yours," he whispered.

Despite tears suggesting sadness, by using words such as "danced", "soft" and "smile", it suggests to the reader that they are tears of joy. It has far more impact than saying "I was so happy I cried" and helps to entice your audience (which as we know from the previous blog is very important).

Just try using this in your story and see how much difference it makes to your writing.


#1 No making the band members hook up
#2 Capitalize
#3 Use punctuation
#4 Remember your audience