The Rules of Fan Fiction #2

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The Rules of Fan Fiction #2

Reposting this as the last one disappeared.

Now that we've established that writing about band members hooking up is hugely disrespectful and is a no-go area, we can move on to improving the actual writing itself. So, rule number two:


There is no excuse for not using capitals letters in a sentence. It's lazy. It's unprofessional. It looks messy. When to use capital letters:

- Sentences begin with capital letters
- Names of places or people start with capital letters (France, Gerard etc.)
- "i" is written using a capital letter ("I")
- Each word of a title is capitalized, apart from connecting words (and, of, the, or etc.)
- In general, abbreviations are written in capital letters (MCR, BBC).

If you want people to take your story seriously, you have to take it seriously yourself.