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yo I'm at an office....there's this office thingy when you live in a I was riding my scooter on purpose so I could download the LOTMS video diary. I found this website where you can download vids. (If it has the link.) So awesome. only 46% downloaded. Uhh it's taking too long. I'm gonna have to hurry on back home.

and yeah, I don't think my parents changed my mind about letting me on this website. :((

I've also download live performances. :D Since I'm not allowed to watch mcr live on youtube bc my parents won't let me.

again, I'm not on twitter. I almost got caught using twitter again the second time, but my mom thought I was doing something else on my phone. or else she would still be mad right now. anyway I just wish I could have twitter. I miss all my followers. :(

by the way, how's everyone doing? I hope everyone is doing fine. :)

my eyes feel like there gonna close in any second. It's 11:23 am right now....I've stayed up almost the whole night listening to music and drawing. haha

can't wait for Frankie's new album. :D

I hope I don't get caught downloading music and vids without my parent's permission at this office. My mom still thinks I'm riding my, I don't think they know I'm doing this.

I could make friends somewhere else but never at school. the friends I had barely talk to me and hang out. I always end up sitting in the corner listening to music and drawing. I can be alone if I had to, what's the problem with that? I just wish I could be friends with and MCRmy, but I don't think there's much around....
my summer has started out really rough, but right now I'm doing fine.
I was going through depression for several months, but it seems like it went away while I was listening to 'Sing'. MCR is such a life saver.
the downloading thingy is now at %55. almost done. I'm gonna have to hurry back home. My mom would probably be wondering why I'm not back for a long while.
I miss those days where I could watch my favorite bands on youtube....because now I can't. I don't think it really matters much....since I can download the vids now.
I just wish this thingy would download a lot faster, but the LOTMS is pretty long.