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So yesterday at work, I was ringing this guy up and I needed his phone number to go with his purchase (mandatory of course, not like I wanted that -_-) and he told me, and was like "Now you remember that number, baby." which was immensely creepy, but to make it worse, the guy behind him was like "Need my number, too?" And, silly ole me, thinking he was kidding said 'Of course! Gotta get your coupons!" and he proceeded to give it to me, tell me I'm cute, and that he can forget the other guy's number and remember his. That was awkward.

But then, to make that even more excruciating, I had to call on a price check because something had no UPC number, and there wasn't any more in the department. One of my coworkers had to look up the number, and it took all of 15 minutes, and in that 15 minutes, he asked so many uncomfortable personal questions (e.g. What do you like to do in your free time? Are you a virgin? You must work out a lot to stay sexy!, etc) and I responded politely, but not... involved per se. The guy was like, late 30s, too.

And then he wrote his number on a coupon and handed it to me. >_<

Like I wanted that.

Oh, and afterwards, some 4 year olds grabbed cans of Raid (pesticides ugh -_-) and sprayed it around the store. Guess who got to clean that up? -_-

Fellow Killjoys, aspire higher than retail.
And keep running!~

- Jes
Bunny Complex