Dark poem

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Dark poem

This is another poem I wrote, it's actually the first in english. It's the second I post. Please tell me what you think about. Pics is what I thought fits, as last time.
It's called Dark poem

Again and again
Over and over
Lined up next to each other
There they are

Watching as the blood surfaces
As the blood floods
I think about why
The reason I do it

A different pain
A new kind
It takes the other away
It hurts
But in a nice way
A different way
Not in my chest
Not unbearable
But on my arm

That's why I do it
Over and over
Again and again
Watching as the droplets rises
From my skin

Some on my weapon of choice
Some on my arm
Some falls
Away from me and my pain

I know it's not the last time
I know it'll call to me again
Beg me to ease the pain
To take the pain away
Even if only for awhile

And I know I'll do it
Watch in morbid fascination
As my pain is lighten
By the knife in my hand