Saving the Fabulous Killjoys: Chapter 30


Saving the Fabulous Killjoys: Chapter 30

Missle Kid

I remember Pony’s face when he came to get me. John was passed out on the floor and I was just sitting on the bed when he came in. His eyes were dead.

“Show Pony?”

He tied his skates together and reached for my hand without a word. We began to walk. A hallway full of rooms. We soon reached the end of it. Just as we were about to turn the corner, he stopped. There were tears forming in his eyes as he looked inside one of the rooms. I let go of his limp hand and stepped inside. a normal room…. A regular room. I couldn't understand why..... then I saw it. In the bathroom. Party's jacket.

I went over to pick it up. It was wet. I brought it back to Pony, who had stepped into the room. As soon as he saw the dripping fabric in my hands, he cried out like a wounded animal and put his hand over his mouth. There were tears streaming down his beautiful face.

"Pony.... its okay." I said softly "it's just a jacket. I mean, I know how crazy you are about clothes, but we can dry this. Don't cry.... please."

He let out a small laugh at my remark.

He.then took my hand again and we walked out of the room. Silence. Dead silence. The calm before the storm.

"In here."

I stepped into the room to see Party and Fun Ghoul. Passed out.



No use in trying to escape. I was tied to a bed. I was awakened when Dr. D turned on the light in the room next door. Pony stuck out his tongue at me and went in after him. I sighed and lean back into the pillow to painkillers Dr. D was giving me kept making me drowsy. I closed my eyes.


"Okay, your turn." I picked up the pebble and tossed it up. It landed on the rooftop. "Beat that." Frank smirked and took a pebble. "Watch and learn." He threw it up. It flew past mine and crashed into a window. Oh no. As the sirens set off, we began to run. Frank was laughing his head off, I was scared to death. We hid behind some bushes as some guards passed us. "That was insane!" Frank said laughing "Let's do it again!" I couldn't help but smile. Frank was so.....

"Right now," I said, giving him a playful shove "I need to focus on not getting a heart attack."

He chuckled. "You have to admit it, John. That was fun! When did you.... stop seeing the fun in things...?"

I shook my head and laughed off the awkward silence. Frank was frowning. He pulled out a small plastic bag from my shirt pocket. It contained a small pill. I took it from him as fast as I could.

"What's that?"

I couldn't lie to him. I've known him since middle school and he knows when I lie.

"They were delivered to my house three weeks ago by two guards. We're required to take them. Don't you take them?"

Frank looked in all directions before answering.

"No," he whispered "my mother says they're not safe."

My turn to frown. I looked down at the small pill. How could it be evil, when it made me feel so good?

A tightening in my chest. Taking them was the better option for me. When I took one, I couldn't hear the sounds of my father hitting my mother. I couldn't hear her screams when I took two. I couldn't feel any pain if I took three. Sometimes, I would get up to thirty pills in a week. No worries.... no pain... no sadness... no regret.

A noise. We both froze.

"They're here."

I was yanked up by my shirt. I saw them do the same to Frank. Two guards. Frank had begun to struggle, but I was frozen in fear.
"FIGHT BACK!" Frank yelled.

I couldn't move as one put a pill into my mouth I swallowed it.

"This one's obedient." He said to the other.

"How come you got the good one?" The guard asked, as he tried to force the pill into Frank.

The guard put me down and went over to help with Frank. I was too shocked to move. I could only watch as they.pried his mouth open and pushed the drug inside. He spit it out on their faces.

Someone behind me.

I brushed the dust off my shoes and folded the hem of my pants again. Frank was on the ground. They were kicking him. The.drugs had begun to work. Everything was hazy and beautiful.

"Never fight against BL/ind." Someone snarled behind me.

I turned. Korse. I instantly lowered my eyes.

"H-Hello sir. I'm John."

"That your friend?"

I looked towards Frank.

"Yes sir. I'm sorry for his insolence. Maybe he needs a stronger dose?"

Korse laughed and gave me a pat on the shoulder.

"Its good you know where your loyalty lies."

"Yes sir."

The guards were done.

I went over to pick up Frank. His eyes were extremely out of focus. They had given him more than one pill. I had to carry him home. His mother told me to place him in the couch and quickly ushered me away. I then went to my own house.

I opened the door. Blood. My mother on the ground. My father on the ground. A knife in his hands. His chest was heaving.

"John? Is that you, boy?"

I stepped closer.

"Help me." He pleaded.

"You sick bastard." I spat out.

I took the knife and rammed it deep into his chest. Then, I sat there and watched.him bleed out. Soon, his cries for help died down as he drowned in his own blood. I reached for the pill jar and took five. I then crawled over to my mother and shook her. She was pale and dead.

"Mommy." I sobbed.

No movement. I curled up next to her, but.she wasn't warm anymore.

It was three hours later when I got up from the floor and went to the kitchen. There, I got a glass of water and took it up to my room. I went to the bathroom. I was caked in blood. Suddenly, I found myself smiling. There was a huge contrast between the blood and my teeth. It was.... beautiful.
My head spun. I held on to the sink. Its whiteness was tainted with smears of blood. I let out a light laugh and went out of the bathroom. Sleep was weighing me down. I jumped into bed. The white sheets were smeared instantly. Beautiful colors swam in my vision.

"No worries," I whispered "no pain. No sadness. No regret."

I pushed the pillow onto my face and rubbed it all over until it was properly smeared. My heart was beating extremely fast. I could hardly breathe. I squeezed the pillow tighter until I had run out if air. I had begun to hallucinate. Invisible hands pushing mine to do the deed. I screamed. And it snapped me out of it long enough to toss the pillow across the room. I reached for the phone and pressed the main button. A woman answered.

"I'm alone." I said, breathing hard "murder."

I told the woman my address, and soon there were guards in my house. They found me lying in bed, half aware of the world, and carried me out. To a BL/ind hospital. Nurses.... white and black.... black and white.... a small face peering out from a room as I was wheeled past. A girl. With scars on her fingers. A huge machine. Blood tests. A scream.

"It works! Sir! This is the answer!"

The door opened. A voice.

"What happened."

Korse again. I couldn't even move my head. Couldn't speak anymore.

"His blood has a special reaction with the medicine. He has no free will! He can't move at all!"

"That's interesting. Did you take a sample?"

"Yes sir!"

"Have it made into liquid. I need something like that."

The opening and closing of a door.

"I saw you this afternoon. You're that kid. Murder got your tounge?" He chuckled "Efficient way to kill your old man. You remind me of myself. How would you like to be S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W?"

I felt tears streaming down my cheeks. All I ever wanted... to be accepted by somebody. I worked up my energy.

"Yes sir."


Dr. D came out of the room he was in. He looked at my machines and frowned. He then put a hand on my forehead.

"No fever." He muttered "no fever!"

Show Pony came out of the room and stretched. He wasn't swearing his helmet. I took a second to appreciate his hair and childish face. He then came over to put his hand on my forehead too.

"What does this mean?" He mumbled "did he somehow cure himself?"

Then, I felt it. An intense ripping in my chest. Pain ran through my whole body and my heart sped up. Then, I was slipping. Helplessly falling deep into my body. My hands lifted to hold on, but they gripped nothing but empty air. I could hear Dr. D's hazy voice calling out to me, but I couldn't answer. Then, I landed. A big spider web. Its sticky threads wrapped ourselves around me, immobilizing me instantly. I could see what was going on through my open eyes, but then someone closed them. I was left in the dark. Alone.

"He's.... dead..." I heard a hazy voice say.

"No. He is still alive. He just slipped into a coma. He might not survive another week.


Agent Cherri Cola


I opened one eye to Dr. D's hysterical screams. The antidote.... I joined the others into the small room. Dr. D was holding up a small bottle with light blue liquid.

"I still have to-"


Kobra pulled the bottle out of his hands and looked at the liquid hopefully.

"That needs to be tested." Pony said, frowning. "We don't know if it's safe."

"No. This is it! We'll save Party! I don't want to wait any longer!"

He gripped the bottle tighter. Pony reached.for it, but he held it out of his reach.

"Give it, Kobra. You're acting stupid."

"This is the answer! Or are you too gay to gay to see it."

Pony growled.

"Give it to me."

He pounced on Kobra. The bottle flew. I was too far away to grab it. It landed safely in Pink's hands. I let out a sigh of relief. The guys were too busy fighting to see what had happened. Then, they both turned to Pink.

Kobra disentangled himself and stood up.

"Give me the bottle, Pink."

"You're acting crazy! We have to do what Dr. D says is best!"

"The bottle. Now."

Pony stood up and pushed Kobra against the wall.

"Take that bottle somewhere safe!"

Pink ran out into the hall. Kobra spun around and punched Pony square in the nose. Soon, he was bleeding and trembling.

"I'm going to find her." He said "I'm sorry Dr. D. But I can't wait any longer. It's my brother."