Saving the Fabulous Killjoys: Chapter 3


Saving the Fabulous Killjoys: Chapter 3

“Ok… now we need to work on a strategy.” Party said, after we were all together. “I say we find Korse and give him a beat down!” Fun Ghoul said, with a sadistic smile. “I think escaping comes first” I said, sitting next to Jet Star. “We can divide into two groups.” Party said, leaning against the wall “Jet holds the meeting place down… Fun Ghoul, you go with Kobra. I’ll go with Pink.”
Kobra Kid showed no emotion at this. He just nodded and went the opposite way with Fun Ghoul. “Wait!” everybody froze. I took out the box of matches and broke off some of it. “Try to use them all the way to the stub” I tell the guys “I don’t have any more.” Everyone nodded and we set off.

Fun Ghoul and Kobra Kid

“Did they do anything to you? Fun Ghoul asked Kobra Kid. He remained silent for a moment. “No. I never saw who the kidnapper was.” They suddenly ran out of wall. “Turn left” Kobra said immediately. “Why?” “There’s a light up ahead.” Fun Ghoul nodded and gripped his gun tighter. Another dimly lit room. This one had a small table and chair. “This is crazy” Fun Ghoul muttered. No answer. “Kobra... you there?” Suddenly, the match went out in his hand and he was shoved forward. “Stop trying to scare me!” He reached into his jacket to pull out the other matches, but they were gone.

Pink Insanity and Party Poison

We had been walking for a while when Party stopped so suddenly that I bumped into him. “Answer me this:” he said “why are you here?” I shrugged, but Party wouldn’t take that for an answer. “Was it something you did?” I shrugged again. “What is it then? Do I have to pry it out of you?” “I… ran away.” A small sound echoed off the walls and Party signaled for me to be quiet. Then, a scream. “That sounded like one of the guys.” I said, looking around us. He nodded, but remained silent. “Keep going.” “Aren’t you going to help them?” Party mumbled something I couldn’t understand and began walking. “What was that?” I asked, taking hold of his arm. “I said I can’t! I can’t do anything anymore!” he leaned against the wall and closed his eyes for a moment. “Sorry I upset you…” I couldn’t find anything else to say.

He took a deep breath and we kept walking. I noticed then, a mark under his chin… it looked like a mark from a ray gun. I stepped in from of him to examine it. “What are you looking at?” He asked rather harshly. Another scream echoed through the hallway. “I can’t go back” Party said half to me, half to himself “It’s me Korse is after. If he gets me, it’s all over.” “If he wanted to get you, you’d be dead.”
Party stopped walking and looked me straight in the eye. “And how do you know that?” I gulped. “Lucky guess?” he pushed me against the wall and took hold of my wrist. “I don’t appreciate any secrets, Pink. Spill.” It was then he saw it. My only resemblance to that man. My deep eyes and eyebrows. “You… you’re HIM” he backed away as I rubbed the wrist he had been grabbing. “You knew it all along.” He pulled out his ray gun and aimed it at my head. “No! I don’t know why you’re here. I ran away! I told you!” all the compassion was gone from his eyes. There was only hate. “Please,” I begged “don’t. I just started living.” He paused. “Keep talking.”

I told Party everything and he listened attentively, without lowering his gun. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner.” I said, after I was done. “Please, believe me.” Party took my chin and looked into my eyes. “You’re not lying” he said quietly “and if you were drugged, I would be able to tell. I’ll keep your little secret.” I felt my face grow hot at his closeness. “Thank you” I whispered.
In a second, I was sure he would kiss me, but then he pulled away so quick I was sure I must’ve imagined it. “But if you get in the way or put us in danger, I’ll kill you on the spot.” I gulped and nodded. There was something I had forgotten to tell him… something important. As we walked back I tried to put my finger on it.

Different POV

“So…what did you get out of him?” “Everything” Another dark-haired stranger said smiling. “But there are still holes…” “Yes… don’t worry about that. They’ll be filled soon. And the girl?” “I don’t care for that misfit, but it’s curious that Poison hasn’t killed her yet.”


Back to the Killjoys’ POV

“Fun Ghoul… not you too.” Fun opened his eyes slowly and looked up with a weary expression. Suddenly, he sat up. “Where’s Kobra?” “Here” Kobra called, stepping out from the shadows. Party shook his head and sat down next to Fun Ghoul. He looked genuinely worried. “Why’d you disappear on me?” Fun Ghoul said, narrowing his eyes “You know I hate that. And I had this weird dream…” “Disappear? What are you talking about Fun? You must have hit your head harder than we thought.” Kobra said, coming closer to the group.
At this rate, everyone was looking at Fun like he was crazy. “I swear it’s true!” He stuttered “We found a creepy room with a chair… and Kobra disappeared on me… and this guy kept asking me questions…. And I felt like I had to answer them or….STOP IT PARTY!” Party, who had been checking if Fun Ghoul had a fever, stood up and stretched. “Pink… you believe me right?” Fun Ghoul asked, grabbing my arm. All heads turned my way. I nodded. Party and Jet groaned. “That proves it.” Party said, turning away “You’re both nuts. Maybe it’s the air.” At this, Party nudged Kobra, who looked at his strangely for a moment, then laughed.

Two matches left… and we were toast. As I walked in the darkness with Party, I couldn’t help thinking about Kobra. Finally, I decided what I would do. “Party” I whispered pulling on his sleeve. “What’s wrong?” “There’s something wrong with Kobra, and it’s freaking us out.” “Be quiet.” “No… you have to listen…” Party put his hand on my mouth as we listened. “We’re being hunted” Party said, blowing the match out and plunging us into darkness.

so... yeah its a little short, but ill try to update as soon as possible. this story is alson on wattpad with the same name, but i doubt youll find it, i mean there are ALOT of MCR fanfics after all..... soo...

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