Saving the Fabulous Killjoys: Chapter 21


Saving the Fabulous Killjoys: Chapter 21

Pink Insanity

The guys followed me as I sneaked around the main building. I knew I couldn’t have pushed Mary for more information. She was on the edge of a nervous breakdown. I was heaving by the time I found the vent. That poison… the guys sat me down to catch my breath. They were extremely worried. “Pink,” Jet said quietly “You have to stay here. If you go any further, you’ll die.”

“But I…”

“You’ve done enough.” Fun Ghoul said “Leave it to us. We’ll bring him back to you.”

“I need to…”

I began coughing. My lungs felt as if they were on fire. Something warm oozed out of my lips. My mouth filled with a metallic taste. I could hear the guys calling me, but their voices seemed hazy and far away. I knew my eyes were open, but I could only see spots. I blinked them away and stood up. My body screamed in pain.

“Pink… you can’t…”

“Shut up. I’m going to help.”

Kobra Kid popped the vent out of the wall and we looked inside. It was extremely big. Almost like… BL/ind wanted us to use it…. I shook that thought away and crawled inside after Fun Ghoul. The small space helped decrease my nausea.

We crawled in silence for a few seconds. No need to worry about sneezing, this vent was cleaner than anything I had seen in the past weeks. In a few seconds, Fun stopped and gestured to the vent in front of him with his head. I looked into it. It was a control room that showed all the vents… except this one… a smell. I looked up just in time to see a large trash bag bound this way. I nearly screamed, but Pony clapped his hand over my mouth as we scrambled out of the way.


Of course, I knew that they were inside the building. What I didn’t know was where. “Andrew.” He stepped forward. “Lock Poison’s room and shut him up. I don’t need any interference.” He nodded and left the room. “Follow him.” I told the guard, who changed the cameras to follow Andrew. I saw as he walked around BL/ind and finally arrived at Poison’s room.

“Switch to the camera inside.”

I could see them. They were talking. Andrew had his hand over his mouth, so I couldn’t read his lips. My hand rested over the button that would activate Andrew’s collar. Then, I thought it better, smirked, and pulled away. This betrayal would serve me well…

“Raise the volume.”

“…I go out.” Poison said.

“…new guards, so… inside… minutes… here.” Andrew said.

“Why are you lying to me?” Poison asked, without even trying to be secretive. “I can sense the beginnings of a firefight MILES away. What’s going on?”

Movement on camera five. I looked. Oh, it was just John with the prisoners. I zoomed in. ah, the three of them. Perfect. The woman had a nosebleed and was being shoved forward against her will. The child was being carried. The man was being rolled in a BL/ind wheelchair. Ah, the whole family untied. Live together… die together.

Movement on camera twenty two. Killjoys. “Go.” Everything went into action. I grabbed my gun and went out to the hallway just as they dropped from the vent in the main room. Guards filled the hallways. “Save Ghoul for me.” They all nodded.

I walked for a few seconds before coming into the room where the glorious fight was taking place. “Ghoul.” Fun Ghoul looked away from the corpse of one of my guards. “So, you’re the leader now? Can I count on you for a merciless murder?” I said, smiling.

“Where’s Party.”

“It’s rude to not answer what somebody asks you.”

I ran to him, aiming for his head. He avoided me.


I skated through the halls. Party had to be around here somewhere. I checked door after door. Nothing interesting… “Party! You here?” Nothing.” I opened a door to find a messy room. I would’ve kept going, but something caught my eye. It was a black and white picture. And Pink was in it. I got closer and picked it up. She was dressed in white standing next to Korse and a sad woman. This was… Pink’s room. I looked around. There was blood on the walls. I shivered and went over to examine it. All the blood seemed to be accumulated in a corner where there was a steel pole that fell from the ceiling and went all the way to the floor. I didn’t have to use my imagination. Torture… the poor girl had been tortured by Korse.

I shivered and left the room. The worst part of all…. In the picture, Korse had…. A full head of hair.

“Partyyyyyy. You alive? I’m officially disturbed now.”

I turned to go to the next hall and a door opened. Andrew. My heart sped up.

“He’s in here.” He said, never taking his eyes off me.

I nodded and looked to the floor. Then, at Party. He was pale, but alive. “Thank God, Party we…” I was lost looking at Andrew again.

“Oh, just kiss me.”

Andrew pulled me in and kissed me senseless. I heard Party’s jaw drop.


“A while.” I mumbled, pulling on Andrew’s hair. He had me pressed against the wall.

“Um… Pony…”


Andrew bit my lip one last time before pushing me away playfully.

“I need to help you guys escape from here.” He said “Walk seven feet away from me.”

I stepped in the room and helped Party up.

“Update.” He said weakly.

“Fun Ghoul is fighting with Korse. Missle Kid, Dr.D and Cherri are safe. Pink… decided to come.”

“I… I was afraid you would say she was dead…. Thank goodness she’s alive.”

“Not for long. She’s stubborn. Only you can convince her to stay put.”

We turned down a long hall full of doors. This was the way opposite to the fight.

“Andrew… where are you taking us?” I asked nervously.

“We need more people.” There was a smile on his voice.

I looked closer. All the doors had small windows and I could see faces peering out. Teenage faces. They hadn’t been drugged yet.

This was a… coincidence?

Andrew looked at me, and then shook his head.

“I was sent to administer their medicine, but I never gave it to them.”

Fun Ghoul

Korse was slowly overpowering me. I pushed him away for the eighth time. A shiver ran up my spine. He was really going for the kill. My strength was failing. He came at me again.

Screams filled the air. I looked sideways and I ray burned the skin on my cheek. “Eyes on me, Ghoul.”

Teenagers. About twenty of them… wait… thirty… more? Teenagers scare the living shit out of me.

I shot another ray in Korse’s direction. He avoided it with ease. I was exhausted, but I couldn’t stop fighting. Not now… I had to hold him off. At least until Party came. Korse gave me a shove and I found myself sliding. How had he gotten so close to me? I looked up as the teenage stampede made their way towards me.

At this rate, I would be crushed. Dumb way to die.

I felt an arm. Kobra. He yanked me up and out of the way as the teens attacked the unsuspecting dracs. I looked up at Korse with a smile. There was fire in his eyes. So, we had an advantage. I shook of the pain in my muscles and aimed for him again. Then, a flash of red shone in his eyes. It was enough to distract me for a second. A ray made its way into my arm.

I gritted my teeth as my muscles locked. I found myself heaving as the world spun.

Then, pressure on my neck… too much pressure. I was being lifted. Running out of air. Korse was lifting me against the wall. He had a murdering grip. I gagged and he squeezed harder. His fingers seemed to want to seep into my skin. I tried to scream, but it came out a gurgle.

“Let me… go.” I panted.

There was no more strength left in my body. When had Korse become this ridiculously strong? My lungs gave a squeeze as they tried to pull in more air. There was already a small light behind my eyes. I looked at the ceiling. The never-ending white soothed me. It was… peaceful… my arms and legs hung limply at my side. I looked into Korse’s eyes.

“FUN GHOUL!!” I heard somebody scream.

I felt Korse drop me with a laugh. My lungs were too tired to even try and pull in air anymore. Party?

Korse leaned down and moved a tuft of hair away from my face.

“Is this who you’re looking for, Poison?”

“What did you DO TO HIM?!”

“I killed him.”

A scream of rage.

Then, Korse’s whisper.

“You’re going to hell and I’m sending Poison after you.”

There was a sharp pain in my stomach as he kicked the last of the air out of my lungs.

I felt someone shove him away.

“You killed him.” Kobra “you’ve done enough. Just leave him alone.”

“There you are, Michael. You can still come back anytime.”


Gentle hands seating me up. “Just hang on…” Kobra whispered.

To what?

My heartbeat pounded in my ears.

“PARTY! HE’S LEAVING!” Kobra yelled.

He then began to smack my face lightly.

“Fun… you have to survive this… take deep breaths… Fun…. FUN! BREATHE… FUN GHOUL! BREATHE!!”

Lips on mine. Kobra knew CPR? I could feel his hands shaking as he struggled to push air into me.



was really easy to write :3 sorry it took so longg... so i made it extra juicy. i had this on my phone. i usually write on the go :D