Saving the Fabulous Killjoys: Chapter 15


Saving the Fabulous Killjoys: Chapter 15

Party Poison

I had been to this place before… back when it was a school, I mean. I remember running down the halls only to be scolded and dragged to the office. Back when the walls were a nice cream color and the floors were polished and green. It was a shame to see my old elementary school blown to bits. I threw more shredded paper into the small fire and made my way over to Pink. Her eyes were open, watching my every move. “Can’t sleep?” She shook her head and sat up shakily. “They got to me, Party. I forgot your promise. I lost hope.” I shook my head. “Don’t worry about it. I’m just glad you’re safe.

Just then, she began coughing up blood.

I tried to hide the alarm in my face, but she must’ve seen it, because she said: “I’m gonna die, aren’t I?”

I bit my lip and nodded. Her eyes watered. “You should’ve lied.” She whispered.

She then began to cry. I gave her a kiss and helped her lie down. “Go to sleep” I whispered “It’ll all be better tomorrow.”

IF she even woke up.

“You’re late for school!!
Oh crap. I jumped off the bed and rushed to put on my clothes. No time for a shower. I hopped about and had my clothes on in less than a minute. Then, I ran to the kitchen. Mikey was there, half asleep. “Hey mom,” I asked “Did you make coffee?” She laughed and handed me the mug that she was drinking from.

The coffee was rich and… hot…. The whole room was hot… burning hot. I looked towards the stove, but it was shut off. “Mom…” I couldn’t see her anymore. “MOM!” The room got hotter and hotter…

I opened my eyes to flames. It took me a few seconds to realize where I was. I had fallen asleep during my watch. “Fire!” I screamed into the flames. It was a few seconds before I heard Fun Ghoul yell back a confirmation. I shook Pink and Missle Kid awake and let them through the burning rubble.

The night air was cold.

“Good morning.” Fun Ghoul said, coughing. Everyone else was coughing with soot-covered faces. “DR. D!” Pony yelled. I looked back towards the flames and ran back inside. There he was, trying to roll out. I lifted pieces of wood and garbage out of the way. “Party! It’s gonna fall in any second! Make a run for it!” just then, the ceiling gave a loud ‘crack’ “PARTY!” I pushed Dr. D closer to the door as the huge chunk of ceiling fell, blocking me completely from the exit.

All the exits were blocked. “Nice way to die, isn’t it?” I looked over to John. Unlike the others, he was making no effort to escape. He was sitting in the middle of the room, looking completely calm. “John! We need to get out of here!” “No. I’m not going back out there. Die here, die later… what’s the difference.” “I won’t die here. Not now.” I coughed out some of the smoke and put myshirt over my nose. I grabbed John’s arm and dragged him towards a door. “There’s no way out, Poison.” Another loud crack. I tried to remain calm, but adrenaline was already pounding in my blood. Flames… flames… “There!” I ran through burning rubble to finally collapse outside the back of the building… where I saw the only person I didn’t expect to see.


Hm. I smile as Poison made his way out of the burning building and towards me. By the time he saw us, it was too late. “Grab them.” 37-3 made no resistance, but Poison struggled. “John! Fight back! Don’t give up!” I chuckled. “37-3 won’t fight back. His spirit is broken. You can thank Ghoul for that. After he escaped, I break all of my guards personally. You can’t beat me.” “He has a NAME…” I went forward and plucked a red hair from Poison’s head. Then, I handed it to one of my guards. He nodded and went back to the van. “Now… where are the rest of your misfits, Poison?” “They’re not here.” His mouth twitches when he lies.

In a few minutes, the guard announced that he was done with his work. He brought it out.

“No!” Poison yelled “Stop! Don’t pull them into this! Leave them alone!” “Your gang is as bad as you.” I said, smiling.

John (37-3)

I was watching as the monstrosity took place, but I couldn’t say anything. I’m just a number, and numbers should keep their mouths shut. Now, you might figure out what happened… but that won’t be until much later. I can’t tell. I could hear Party struggling again as they took some of his blood. Finally, Korse turned to me. “Give me one reason as to why I shouldn’t kill you on the spot.” “I started the fire, sir.”

He smiled, but it wasn’t a nice smile. If Korse was smiling, this was bad. With an invisible signal, my right arm began to twist back. This caused me terrible pain, but Korse’s gaze kept me quiet. More… more… finally, I heard a loud ‘crack’ and my arm felt numb. It dropped limply at my side. The sleeve of my shirt began to turn red with blood. “Consider yourself lucky.” Korse said. “Yes sir.” I said, nodding happily.

Jet Star

We were all looking towards the building. Party… then, he emerged from the back. His face was covered in soot and he looked extremely shaken up. “Sorry I’m late.” “PARTY!” the whole group rushed to hug him and knocked him down in the process. “Where’s John?” party looked back towards the building and all of us remained quiet. “He was the one who started the fire. Let’s never let anyone in the group like that again.” Fun Ghoul nodded so hard, it must’ve hurt.

The building finished caving in as we all watched. “Let’s get outta here” Party said, turning back to us “The car needs gas and I need to catch up on my porno.”

We got back in the car. “Jet.” Fun Ghoul whispered. Party’s eyes flickered to us in the mirror. Then they turned back to the road. “Yeah?” Fun Ghoul shook his head and remained quiet.

We were at the gas station in a few seconds. Party drove the car over to the pumps and the rest of us got out.

Pink Insanity

Party helped me out of the car and onto a bench. He was silent… as if thinking. “What’s wrong?” I asked. “What do you mean?” “You’re strangely silent.” He shook his head and leaned back into the bench. I coughed again, then leaned back. “Party… what happened to John?” his brow furrowed. “Why the sudden question?” “It’s just a question…” “You should be quiet! Give me time to think! I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m at the head of a group here. Yes, he died. Happy? He burned to death in the fire just like he wanted. Now, SHUT UP!”

Was Party hurting? I nodded and shut my mouth. Everyone was too busy scrambling around to notice what had happened. “Sorry” He said after a few seconds “I’ve had a lot on my mind.” He pulled me in for a kiss. It was… different. “I’m sorry I yelled at you.” I nodded and gave him a hug. “It’s not over yet.” He mumbled.

Kobra Kid

I sat, wrapped in a blanket, in the back of the van. The blanket wasn’t there to keep me warm… it was hiding the straightjacket from view. They always left me in the van like this. The moments were relatively boring, except for when I got cravings. Then, they would sedate me and I would fall in and out of sleep. Great. I looked out to the gas station. Everyone was active, except for the redhead and the girl. I didn’t know much about this guy… except that he cared a lot about me and that he was team leader…. And the warmth of his hands…


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