Saving the Fabulous Killjoys: Chapter 12


Saving the Fabulous Killjoys: Chapter 12


I know a thing or two about medicine.

Show Pony helped the guys take party into the room and then came back to carry Kobra. “Quick. Before his blood stops flowing.” “Easy for you to say. You didn’t have to deal with Party.” He grumbled.

He put Kobra on my bed and instantly began hooking him up. I grabbed a box on the bed table. “Clear.” Kobra’s chest pumped up and down. “So… how is Party taking it? Clear.” “He has the strength of eight men.” “Clear.” A small break in the beep. Then, the heart began to beat. Slowly at first, but then it picked up. “The oxygen.” “I know, I know…” Pony grumbled.

After hooking him up to everything, Pony sat down. He was still panting.

A spark of recognition ignited in me.

“Pony… where’s Pink?” He lifted his shoulders and then let them drop. “I haven’t seen her all day.” “Go check on her.”


Show Pony

I took off my helmet before stepping out into the hallway. My neck was stiff from having slept with it. My hair dropped down over my face. I could still hear Party struggling in the other room.

//// Hey guys!! It’s BLOOD’Y. My friends call me BLOOD. Before I go on with the story, let me explain how the café is organized. First, we have Dr. D’s studio. Then we have a room that belongs to him and Show Pony. (Each one gets his own bed and his own side.) Then, there’s the hallway with the killjoys’ rooms. Jet Star, then Fun Ghoul, then Party Poison and finally, Kobra Kid. A stairwell and down two flights, there’s three rooms. Missle Kid, Cherri Cola and the storage for all the food. Agent Cherri sleeps with headphones on, so she’s actually there right now… sleeping. -_- Ok… got it? Back to the story!! ////

I opened the door half an inch. “Pink?” I knocked on the door. “Pink? You alright?” no answer. I stepped into the room. The curtains were drawn and there was a shadow on the floor. A light, forced breathing. I walked over to the window, but nearly tripped on the way. There was something on the floor. I let the sunshine in, then turned around.

Pink… What had Michael done?

I rushed over to her to feel her pulse. Alive… barely. “One more second and…” I carefully picked her up. My muscles were still sore from when I had helped to hold Party down, but I carried her into our room. “Dr. D…” he turned around. His face twisted with understanding. “Put her on the other bed.” I did. “Should I bring Party in? I doubt that the guys can hold him for much longer.” Dr. D nodded and I exited the room.

“LET ME GO OR I’LL HAND YOU OVER TO KORSE MYSELF!” “Party! Calm down!” I stepped into the room. Party was still struggling and the guys didn’t look like they could hold on to him any longer. “Guys… let him go.” They were more than happy to oblige.

He left the room in a whirlwind and the guys collapsed. “Remind me to never get on his wrong side.” Jet said, falling back. I followed Party. The second he went inside, he went to his brother. “Is he all right?!” “Yes, Party. He should be recovering. ”Oh thank goodness. For a second, I thought he was…” “Dead?” I offered. Dr. D looked at me, and the phrase ‘if looks could kill’ came into mind.

“I can’t determine what caused the nervous breakdown yet… I need some time. I don’t have that much technology…” “What do you need?” “Party… you don’t have to…” “What. Do. You. Need.”

Even I felt the air change into anxiety.

“Just get me as many samples of the BL/ind drugs… if you can…” “Consider it done. Hey… have you guys seen Pink?”

I panicked.

“She… uh…”

Party turned around. He became paler. “Who… did Michael…” “Yeah.” “Is she…” “No. I got to her in time.”


Party Poison

“Pack your bags, boys. We’re going out.” I said, coming out of Dr. D’s room. “Now?” Jet whined. “Do you know how hard it was to hold you down?” “Five minutes of rest, then…. But when I come back, I want you off your lazy butt.”

I walked down the hallway and to my room. I could still hear Pony crowing ‘Party’s got a girlfriend!’ to the world.

My hand began to burn and I unwrapped it. Luckily, Pink had done a good job in wrapping it and it hadn’t gotten infected. Pink… thank goodness she was o.k.

But would she hate me once she got well? And would Kobra be able to live with himself?

I shook that thought out of my head, grabbed my mask and looked at myself in the mirror.

I knew the risks behind this. I knew that there was a 50% chance that we would never come back. The other guys also knew this… yet, they still accepted to come with me, no questions asked.

I dipped my hand into a small bowl of water by my bed, dried it with a small towel and began to wrap it again. As I did, my mind wandered.

I thought about a million things then. I thought about defeating BL/ind… about freeing all those people… about seeing the earth green again.... About having a hamburger… a good cup of coffee… about colors…About running away with Pink… about… getting married… I felt the blood rush to my face. Huh? I looked in the mirror to see that my face had acquired a nice, crimson color. Nearly as red as my hair. I knew Pony would laugh if he saw me like this… I tried to shake the thought out, but once it was in, it was impossible to forget.

A nice house. Two floors. No dracs. No drugs… just us… a good meal… relaxing and watching stupid movies… her smile… the evening breeze…

I stepped out of the room.

Fun Ghoul was already leaning against the wall. He was smiling shrewdly. I groaned. “Pony told me everything.”

At this, Pony came out of nowhere and threw a bucket of water over me. “PONY!!”

I grabbed Pony’s hair and began an extreme noogie as Fun Ghoul laughed his head off.

A few seconds later, we were ready.

“Look for something in a bottle.” Dr. D said, as we walked out “And be careful.” We all nodded and got in the car. It had begun to rain and the sky was cloudy.

“Where are we going?” Jet asked. “To BL/ind.” “SWEET! A rematch!”

I smiled to myself.


TADAAAHHHH!!! winged nearly the whole thing, and it came out fantastic!!