Teenagers Survive part 12

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Teenagers Survive part 12

I start running after Wasted Noise and yell out to her, "Why are you doing this!?" She looks back looks forwards again and keeps running. Thank god I did track AND cross country when I was younger. I look down real quick at my ray gun. I cant shoot her. We're friends. Or, we were friends. I see Noise jump over a box and then she knocks down a barrel of rocks to distract me. But I keep running and jump over the same box she jumped over, and do a front hands spring to avoid the rocks, and land on my feet.

I keep running after Wasted Noise but she turns down an alley and I almost lost her. She stops to trip me but I jump over her foot and turn around in air to see her running again. "Noise!! Please!! Why?!" When I land I gasp for air and then sprint again to chase her. She turns out of the alley so I speed up and turn to see Wasted Noise climbing a ladder onto a roof. I run and jump onto the ladder and start climbing it too.

Wasted Noise tries to kick my hands so I fall but I have a tight enough grip, so then she tries kicking my head, so I duck. I reach up to grab her ankle but she steps up quick, so I miss. I try grabbing again but she kicks my hand away with her heel. "How the hell have you been doing all this with heels!?" I yell up at her. She stops for a minute and grins down at me, "Remember magic?" "Oh, bite me, Noise," I snap. Noise grins and bites the air as a threat, "Love to." I growl and pounced up the ladder but she gets up first and starts shaking the ladder.

I reach the top and jump off into a roundhouse kick, and Wasted Noise flies a good 18 feet on the roof and I run up to her. She back springs up and punches me and runs. I spit out blood and chase her again. She jumps the roofs and does a tuck and roll, so she doesn't hurt herself. I run up to the edge of the roof and jump it and land on my two feet on the roof Noise is on. She's standing up when I get to the roof, so I run fast towards her and grab her by the waist and knock her down. Then Noise kicks me in the stomach to try and get me off of her but she fails. I pin her shoulders down and threaten to spit in her face. She laughs and then snaps, "Why don't you bite me?" "I'd rather not, sweetie." I sarcastically snap back.

Wasted Noise kicks me in the gut and I fly off of her and she gets up, hesitates, then jumps another roof. She stops and looks back at me again. I look up at her, pleading to her, "Why are you doing this Noise?" "They got my brother, the only thing I had left of my family." "Who?!" "I can't tell you." I stand up and walk over to the edge, "At least come down and say good-bye please… We're gonna miss you and, I'll make sure they let you go and don't hurt you." I reach out my hand and Noise takes it, "Okay, fine. But only for you." She smiles and we both climb down.