Teenagers Survive part 1 (Idk about it, tell me whatchya guys think please!!!)

Ritalin’s P.O.V

I wake up and look over at my friends, fellow killjoys, and sigh. Wait, where the hell is Black Thunder? I sit up and look all around the room.
“Thunder?” I whisper.

Thunder walks into the room, “Hey sorry I was getting food.” He says, and I notice the chips, soda, and Hot Pockets. “How do you weigh only 118 pounds, with all the food you eat, and barely any exercise?” I ask him. Thunder stuffs chips in his mouth, “Uh, I don’t know. How do you go forever without eating?” he says back. “I’m magic,” I wink at him and go and go to hug him. Thunder drops the food on the ground and kisses me when I laugh. “What?” he innocently says.

Everyone but Striped Bandit, and Raven Candy woke up to the food falling. Kobra looks at me and Thunder, which we are pressed against each other. “Oops, my bad.” I apologize to Kobra. “I’m sure you’re the dumbass who dropped the food, right?” Kobra says. I look at Thunder, who gives an embarrassed smile. I run my lips across his and go into the bathroom.

I look in the mirror to see my reflection. Jesus. I look horrible. Then I smile because I think of Thunder. I go into the drawer and get my makeup and wipes. I freshen up, throw a wipe into the toilet and flush it with my foot to act like I was going to the bathroom, for a good reason. I brush my hair. And then hear a big crash and then Thunder yells out, “Son of a bitch!!”

I run out and see Punk Bomb on top of Thunder punching him. “Punk!!! What are you doing?!” I yell out and run to them to get Punk Bomb off of Thunder. Poison and Kobra run over to help me too, and I get on top of Punk Bomb and scream, “GET OFF OF THUNDER!!!” Poison takes me off of Punk and Kobra tackles Punk off of Thunder, so Poison lets me go and I run to Thunder. “Thunder? Are you okay?!” I ask him, shaking, and I reach a hand out to him and notice I’m trembling. He looks so hurt, I think. He had a bloody nose, his eye was swelling, and he was dizzy, and his eyes were fluttering. I gently slide my hand on his cheek and say, “Don’t fall asleep Thunder. Please.”

After Dr. Death Defy told me Black Thunder had to rest I went into Punk Bomb’s room and went up to him. “What the fuck was that about?!” I yelled at him. “I can’t tell you. You either wouldn’t believe me or you would flip out on me.” Punk responds. I walk backwards then back up to him and slap him. “What the hell?!” he yells out. “You’re gonna tell me why you punched him, or I’ll punch you harder,” I tell him.

Punk stares at me. “Well?” I question him. He looks down and mumbles something. “I didn’t hear you Punk.” He looks up and blurts out, “I don’t like the fact that you guys are always “Lovey dovey” shit all the time because I love you. There.” Never saw that coming. I turn around and put my face in my hands. “Jesus Christ Punk.” I mumble. Then I look at him and yell, “That doesn’t give you a reason to go and fucking punch my boyfriend!!!” “Look, Rit! I’m sorry okay?! Yes, I’ll admit that my final string broke. I’m sorry okay?! I…..” I space out and turn around and leave him where he was.