so heres some stuff

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so heres some stuff

Yeah i dyed my hair again! :D im also getting approval on gauges (not huge ones) :)
well i was messin around outside lol, if u look at the second picture.
but yeah, sooo this is my hair, im doing my whole head this color next time! CANT WAIT!

umm sorry i havent been on in a while if you follow my blogs and storys and all that. ive been busy with school and all that crap. depression almost got to me and i had to make sure i got a hold of that, but im okay :)

This friday is something huge in my school and im so excited!!!!!! its called SHMD or South High Marathon Dance. SHMD is this event held every March in my town. Students, grades 9-12, gather to raise money and dance for an amazing 28 hours straight, all in the name of local people and charities who need help.
this is the first year i can particapate and im so FUCKING EXCITED!!!! :D all week is spirit week and its great!! its.. oh my god. lol. theres more info and stuff there. im just so friggin excited :D

well, yeah, just thought id say all that in a cheerful blog, and all the bad stuff, either i wont put up(probably wont) or put on much later,,, uhhh idk. lol

Make some noise :)