So this is happening

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So this is happening

I am NOT doing this anymore. I stop today.
I threw out all my blades, and have no intention of buying new ones.
Ive been reading quotes, listening to music, and I finally reached out to a teacher and im realizing Im so much fucking better than this.
I dont think im going to write a long blog about this, but i just wanted to write a little.
Ive talked to some of you, about my depression and i thank you guys SOOO much for being there for me. Im not sure if i told u in depth of the self harm stuff but im not doing it anymore.
Ive found that strength that ive been needing, and im okay now. I can now say im Recovering, Im going to grow old and find love, im going to be clean. im not doing this anymore.

Nothing is worth hurting yourself over, like Gee says. No matter how shitty it is, you'll get through it.
I got through it and I mean, Im not saying my life is worse than others. There are definitely people who sadly have it worse. But still, theres always someone who will love and care about you and self harm isnt the way to go. Im not judging anyone. i never will. i went through it. still am i guess you could say.

But im Recovering :) Im going clean :)

Thank so much for your support guys<3 :)

~Ritalin Lithium~