rampage update

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rampage update

so im going through a Transformers rampage. im gonna try and draw either that or Optimus after tonights marathon where i watch all 3.

i guess i should share that xD

but anyways, like it says, update..

i guess im doing better? still like, upset... i miss my friend terribly. he told me to leave him alone for the summer and talk to him when school starts back up.. i guess ill do that. theres not much else i can do if i really want to stay friends with him. yes id be happy to be more (see recent blogs to understand all this if you care to), but if this is what he wants, just friends, then im more than happy to do that.

well, im home alone right now and im getting weird feelings.. not likin the being alone so i grabbed a big steak knife xD oh god, when my mother walks in and sees me clutching this i swear shell freak out xP oops.. sorry bout the fear thats about to burst inside me xD

well.. idk what else has happened... school ended so now here goes two months with nothing because i either have no friends or theyre all moving :( my best friend is moving to ohio, when i live in new york.. so that kinda sucks... alot.. then my other friend might be moving to florida.. then another one might be going to tennessee.. so thats awesome..
ontop of the friend that wont speak to me, and the friend my mom ripped away from me. awesome right?

so i had relapsed with ya know.. but now im a week and a half without it.. it was crazy because i had relapsed and for almost 2 weeks straight i was doing it every day :/..
but i got into therapy and musics been helping me.. im trying to be more positive.. more healthy eating too... i gotta get myself out of this depression pit... :( I tired of feeling this way all the time...

ANYWAYS I hope everyones days and weeks and lives are grand.. if anyone ever needs to vent.. im here :)