a poem

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a poem

Can anyone see the story behind it?
I dont know what to title it either.. lol
and yeah the picture.. i just like it alot :)
I like tormenting you because you've let me be,
for days you havent touched me, but now we'll see.
I'll call your name and shine,
yes, i see that twinkle and want in your eyes.

You know you can trust me,
I've always been here for when you were in need.
Im sharp and soothing,
forget this happy go lucky movie.

Girl, warm me up with your skin,
no, dont throw me in that trash bin.
I know I start to succeed when up pick me up,
now let me feel that warm lucious blood.

You shiver when i touch you,
so slide and do what you want to.
I call your name loud when you hesitate,
Shh its not to late.

I start cooling again,
sweetie, we've got to remember the plan!
What are you doing? I dont belong there,
you're just scared!

I scream out to you,
but now you dont approve.
Try to silence me bitch, and you'll see,
that this isnt even the best of me.

Then im falling, and when i hit,
i realize you threw me in the bin of ....