Past 2 weeks

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Past 2 weeks

well, if anyones noticed i havent been on in the past two weeks! Ive been at my fathers with no internet, which sucks!!
well, so have the past 2 weeks.
I asked my boyfriend for some space to handle my grades, depression, and i wanted to get a grip on a relationship wth one of my friends that was getting serious, and i wantedtto stop that. i mostly needed time for me, with depression. but with focusing on that stuff i wouldnt be able to focus on that and me and my boyfriend at the same time. i wasnt trying to hurt him and i thought i was being reasonable...
he told me he wanted to get back together in time, so that made me happy, but of course something happens.
a day or two later, i found out he slept with his ex and didnt care that i was hurt... i mean.. he made me believe he truly loved me and wouldnt hurt me.
am i wrong to feel like, if it only took him 2 days to get over the time we spent, then he didnt think it meant shit? idk what to think right now....
he says im jealous and mad that he doesnt want me back. but like, really? no. im mad it took u two days to forget me.
i just feel used again and i dont know. im just venting.
well, hopefully, this week will be better!! :)

hows everyone else? please brighten my days :)

~Ritalin Lithium~

oh. and now im just being informed that my ex contacted me (not the same one)