New Story: Where There's No Saints, Chapter 1

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New Story: Where There's No Saints, Chapter 1

Feedback would be nice :) i dont mind if its "mean" I need the criticism to get better! :) so id greatly appreciate it if you could read, killjoys :)
Love, Ritalin Lithium

Death Angel's P.O.V
My eyes fly open to the sound of a big BOOM!

I groan and flip onto my back, staring at the ceiling, and push the blankets down to my knees. Time to wake up apparently.

I've been on the run ever since Bl/ind took over with my friends, well family, Madd Hatter, Stitched Heart, and Striped Bandit. When we were looking for a hide out, or home all we could find was a place next to a Killjoy Base that tests their artillery every single morning at 5:56 am. So that's when my day begins. Everyone else can usually sleep through it.

I push myself out of bed and take a shower with music on low. When i get out, i put on my usual outfit. Black holey skinny jeans, an aqua blue low cut tee, blue knee high converse, and when my cherry red hair dries (thank god its naturally straight) i put a black bandanna on around my bangs.
After i put on eyeliner and mascara, i hear a soft knock on my door. I walk over and find Hatter on the other side already dressed in his white tee, low rise Levis, and black ankle converse. I smile at him when little tiny butterflies hit my stomach, "You're up early."

He runs a hand through his brown hair and shrugs. "Couldn't sleep at all."

"Lets go make breakfast," I touch his shoulder. "Sorry you didn't sleep, Hun."

"its cool," he throws his arm over my shoulder, making it warm and drags me down the hall to the kitchen. "I'm feelin' pancakes."

I hit his stomach. "When are you not?"

"True story," he says now getting bowls and pans out, while i get the mixes, eggs and milk.

"What do you want to do today, Hatter?"

"We should go explore. Go to town," he says all muffled. I look up to see his face in a bag of flour. My heart breaks a little.

Having anxiety because of the invasion, I don't feel safe going into town, so my crew has been cooped up in here. Its my fault. "I..." I hesitate, making up my mind and choosing to stall. "Why's your head in the flour?"

Hatter shakes his whole body, slowly lifting up his powdered face, making me burst out laughing. I flip the last pancake and throw a towel at his face. Hatter wipes his face and his smile falls a little, getting serious. "So?" he walks over to me, with his big brown puppy dog eyes.

I smile and sigh. "i gu-"

"ANGEL!" A force runs into my side knocking me down. Blonde curls cover my face and giggles erupt from the little body on top of me. "Hey, Heart. Morning. can you get off of me, possibly?"

She sits up and stares down at me. "What are we doing today?!"

I kick Stitched Heart off of me. "I guess we're going to town."

Heart claps and her violet eyes widen in happiness. I stand up and Striped Bandit is already at the table, eating with Hatter.

When we're all at the table, i clear my throat. "I've decided we can go into town today. Pack a bag with what you want. some money, food, a jacket, anything you'll want."

"What will we do in town?" Bandit asks me, stuffing a pancake into his mouth.

"We should go to the new Arcades!" Hatter exclaims, like a child.

"We should go shopping," Heart says. I look at her. "For new knives." I smile big. That's my girl.

All four of us had a set up backyard to throw knives, and you could say me and Heart are more handy with knives than the boys. causes a little trouble sometimes.
Me and Hatter sit in the back of the car while the other two get in. Heart stops Bandit from getting in the drivers seat and asks if she can drive.

"Im almost 17! Youve been teaching me, Angel!"

"I know but-"

"Bandit will probably wreck the car or something anyways! I thought you believed in me!

I sigh, wiping my palms on my face giving up already. "Heart you can drives until we hit the outskirts of the town. Then bandit drives."


"We dont have to go at all," I warn.

Heart shuts up and gets in the drivers seat. We drive in silence, except for the radio, for about 10 or 15 minutes. Then Heart switches the radio station.

"I was listening to that," Bandit says and changes it back.

Heart does the same, "Its giving me a headache."

This continues, and after 3 station changes Hatter breaks. "Jesus! Do you two constantly have to bicker?!" he yells. Hatter never yells. I look at him and place a hand on his. He looks at me and smiles sadly. Now he feels bad..

Then they start doing it again.

Bandit turns it up and Heart doesnt want it that loud. Im getting a headache and Hatter's grip on my hand is very tight, i know he's trying very hard not to flip out on them.

Heart slaps bandit and he pushes her hand away, causing the car to jerk to the left. "Knock it off you two!" I yell. "We were fine this morning! So cut the shit! You're gonna get us killed!"

"Yeah dumbass," Heart mummbles at Bandit.

"Bitch," Bandit snips back. She raises her hand to slap him and everything slows down from there. When her hand hits Bandit he tries grabbing the wheel to steer away from the force the hits the drivers side.

I unbuckle as quickly as i can and grab Hatter, twisting myself into him as the car flips in the air. We flip 3 times before it lands on the ground.

The last thing i remember before blacking out is barley holding onto Hatter's wrist and hearing my family in pain. Shit.