My school dance,, we raised....

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My school dance,, we raised....

$489,716.27!!!!!!!!!!! for many people who needed money for charity we raised that much.

29 hours of dancing, alot of aching and pain, and crying, we all made it for the good. im so proud of me, my friends, my whole school. we beat and rocked the clock. had a great time though. bunch of people came to support the wonderful people who have survived caner, epilepsy, tumors, and more that we were raising money for.

had a great and my friends ran around pumping everyone up around 3 am because people were loosing energy. i didnt sleep during the 2 hour sleeping break (probably shouldve) but i never gave up. never gave into the pressure of trying to sleep, and had a great time. :)

Im just so happy we made that much money for those recipients.. :)

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