my life right now is 50/50 but..

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my life right now is 50/50 but..

right now i feel so fucking happy!!! :D

Well, i just hung out with my boyfriend, so obviously im lovestruck and happy xD
operation be me is going great :) lol
tomorrow is GSA :)
my chem and avenged sevenfold are makin me happier right now :)
i get to watch chicago fire tomorrow :)
im eatting stouffers (?) mac n cheese... it tastes sooo good :)

except, my legs hurt. my grades suck. my moms annoying the fuck out of me again. im eatting.

OH :) To end on a happy note, my role model project has started!! :) Sooo now an hour a day i get to look up Gee<3 :)

~Ritalin Lithium~